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Actually I doubt he is going to fight, he already applied for university in one country , he is only listening and watching videos about it a lot r, like many others people that lives here..

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Converting or forcing someone’s hand in one direction or another rarely produce positive results no matter how good or noble the intentions are. asicss neakers pas cher Try just being supportive and strong. And desire for proving , there are many people from area where I live that went in Syria to fight in the name of Allah, they are getting huge glory amongst the Muslim population here..

I completely agree with you, but I was in that shoes, I remember my old self when I refused every rational and scientific explanation that harms my beliefs, I searched only for evidences to support my theories (even if they were rubbish from this point of view). Remember the positive aspects of your former faith and use them to help your brother see what is divine by nature. I reckon his preoccupation with religion and politics is an expression of a deeper problem. I’m saying these are different expressions (symptoms) of universal problems. Related Discussions: It will even resort to the sneakiest and dirtiest forms of deception in order to do so- see RamenNoodles thread in which he points out that the YEC’s claim that scientists are lying and that they debunk dinosaur myths…

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